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Instinctive acting - online acting workshop for beginners, Theatre Gym

  • East, Online
  • combined arts, dance, film, interdisciplinary arts, theatre
  • Tal Jakubowiczova


In our day-to-day lives, we are taught to not follow our instincts but the rules of society. It usually serves us in life but if we follow these same rules when we perform we will be “ordinary” and boring.

What will happen if instead of “I shouldn’t” you’ll think “I should”?

What will you create then?

What if you let your *body* run the show, literally?

In this class, you will:

Trick your many thoughts into silence.

Experience what it means to not be “polite” on stage.

Follow your instincts and create interesting characters, moments and situations. Surprise your audience and even yourself.

If you are looking to come out of your comfort zone in a safe space and discover new things about yourself, join this class.

Teacher: Tal Jakubowiczova

Hi, I’m Tal.

I’m an actress, a theatre director and teacher, and also the founder of Theatre Gym.

I performed with theatre companies in Israel, created my own theatre company in the UK and taught hundreds of students in Theatre Gym.

My focus is to create safe and inclusive spaces where you can come out of your comfort zone safely, without feeling judged.

And this class is perfect for this.

Join me :)

Saturday 19th December, Online

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