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Open Call for Artists - Nou Wave II: Illusions, Nou Wave Gallery

  • London
  • crafts, combined arts, dance, film, interdisciplinary arts, libraries, literature, museums, photography, music, theatre, visual arts
  • Nou Wave Gallery


’ Inllusios are as hmuan as the oplosbape tmuhb ’.

’ Voiisn is an azmaing tnihg, but aslo depely fwlaed. Our brnais flil gpas and tlel us waht we wnat to see ’.

For example – did you know that we are always looking at our noses? Our brains pretends it isn’t there and carries on.

An illusion can be anything that is overseen.

A shadow, usually ignored

Colour in the right place

A deep detail in a realistic image

A shape in a sculpture

A glance in a video

A moment in a performance

A figure lurking in a photo

We want to see your illusions. Your oversights.

Things overlooked. An echo. A false idea or belief

Our brains want to make everything simple, easily understood. It is constantly in a fight to process the world as quickly as possible and is highly tuned to spotting patterns.

B r e a k and HIGHLIGHT.

We are open to all illusions and submissions – audio, visual, tactile. 

You can see the full open call on our website:

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Photo, Crowds enjoying Garden of Light, by TILT. Lumiere London 2016, produced by Artichoke, supported by Mayor of London. Credit Matthew Andrews 2016.

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Photo, Jennie Gill, Yorkshire Artspace, Sheffield. Photo Our Favourite Places / Nigel Barker for Yorkshire Artspace.