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Pit house to Politics, Four Corners Art Gallery


Pit house to Politics is an Arts Council funded photography and audio project celebrating the

100th anniversary of women getting the vote in UK.

It focuses on 20 women who were involved in the 1984-1985 national miners’

strike, who then either went into politics or continued the fight for

social justice, instead of returning to their previous role of homemaker

after the strike.

Each portrait is a Photogravure of the participant stood outside their

front door, representing the doors open to each of them after the strike,

and opening the door to change.

A screen printed quote pulled from the interviews compliments the image,

giving an instant insight into their lives.

Audio recordings accompany each portrait, telling of life before the

strike, coming out in support, how they feel their actions changed their

lives, and life choices after the strike.

Exhibition opens on 8th March until 17th March. 

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Photo, Crowds enjoying Garden of Light, by TILT. Lumiere London 2016, produced by Artichoke, supported by Mayor of London. Credit Matthew Andrews 2016.

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Photo, Jennie Gill, Yorkshire Artspace, Sheffield. Photo Our Favourite Places / Nigel Barker for Yorkshire Artspace.