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Remote Collaboration Open Call, Neo-Grotesk Realism, Utopia for Feudal Times

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  • combined arts, film, interdisciplinary arts, libraries, literature, museums, music, theatre, visual arts


Artists, Coders, Researchers and Writers are invited to collaborate (remotely or in person) and explore the ambiguity of “grotesque” and its contradictory definitions across fine art, design, literature etc.

We will also consider how dialogue surrounding distant historical scenarios (e.g. life under medieval feudalism) is being invoked to describe human experience in the neoliberal present and future. Central to this project is the historic interrelation between technology, art and ideology from the pre-modern to the present day.

Any nationality or experience level welcome. There is currently no fixed deadline. Please send an expression of interest and CV to:

You may wish to contribute to a group exhibition, a blog or publication or speak as part of a public seminar. You may also add to this (incomplete) reading list:

  • Technology and Economics
    • The New Dark Age, James Bridle, 2017, Verso Books
    • Techno-Feudalism and The Tragedy of The Commons, William Kherbek, 2016, Doggerland Journal #1
  • Art History
    • Medieval Modern, Alexander Nagel, 2012, Thames & Hudson
    • Grotesque in Art and Literature, Wolfgang Kayser, 1968, University of Virginia Press
  • Media History
    • The Gutenberg Galaxy, Marshal McLuhan, 1962, University of Toronto Press
  • Critical Theory & Semiotics
    • Dreaming of The Middle Ages, Umberto Eco, 1987, Semiotica Journal #63
    • Rabelais and His World, Mikhail Bakhtin, trans. Helene Iswolski, 1984, Indiana University Press

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Photo, Crowds enjoying Garden of Light, by TILT. Lumiere London 2016, produced by Artichoke, supported by Mayor of London. Credit Matthew Andrews 2016.

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Photo, Jennie Gill, Yorkshire Artspace, Sheffield. Photo Our Favourite Places / Nigel Barker for Yorkshire Artspace.