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Royal College of Physicians Museum Late (Thur 5 Sep), Life of Breath

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  • Life of Breath


Thursday 5 September, 5.30pm-8.00pm

Royal College of Physicians, London, NW1 4LE

The Royal College of Physicians Museum opens its doors for a series of free Museum Lates, giving visitors the chance to experience more than 500 years of history at England's oldest medical college. This is the final Catch Your Breath Museum Late at RCP with the Life of Breath project.

This RCP Museum Late will consist of a display from the RCP archive and library collections, a tour of the Catch Your Breath exhibition, and a reading of Viv Gordon's play The Book of Jo.


5.30pm-6.40pm Archives and library display

6.00pm-6.30pm Catch Your Breath curator’s tour

6.45pm-7.45pm The Book of Jo reading by Viv Gordon

The Book of Jo

The Book of Jo looks at what happens when life falls apart. How can we maintain hope when the worst happens? And why do bad things happen anyway?

A woman faced with a rare and random terminal diagnosis sits in the debris of her life contemplating meaning and social justice with the dubious help of the Old Testament story of The Book of Job.

Catch Your Breath

From a baby’s first cries to a dying gasp, breath is an ever-present companion on our journey through life. Breath isn’t just a biological process. It enables us to communicate, to speak, to create music. It can have a deep cultural and spiritual meaning. It can be a marker of both health and illness.

Through objects, visual, sound, interactives, and events, this exhibition tells the story of how our relationship with and understanding of our breath has developed over time, from ancient philosophers who equated breath with life itself to the latest advances in medicine.

For information, visit the Catch Your Breath website:

To book a free place, visit the RCP Eventbrite page:

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