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Winning Words - The Art Of Rhetoric workshop, The Book Club, Shoreditch

  • London, The Book Club, 100-106 Leonard Street, Shoreditch
  • liberal arts, Rhetoric
  • Giles Abbott


Want to orate like Obama? Convince like Kennedy? Move like Martin Luther King? If you want to learn how to speak at your best sign up for this intense, interactive 3hr workshop which will give your words wings whether you use them for work, for a cause or your most deeply held truth.

Rhetoric has been taught & practised since ancient times. It has been maligned & misrepresented since ancient times. Used right it is an incredibly powerful skill to possess. 

Obama knows it.

King knew it.

Kennedy knew it.

Shakespeare knew it.

So how come nobody taught you?

Sign up now for the second of three in Giles Abbott's series of workshops at The BookClub on Modern Communications Skills. Giles Abbott has taught Voice, Storytelling & Rhetoric skills to clients who are artists, performers, chief executives, senior leaders, middle management & more. He has used these skills in his own performing career as well as for National Museums and national & international charities. Sign up here

and let your words take wings!

Tickets £30 

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