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ALEXANDER by Tara Benjamin-Morgan, The Jam Factory

South East Artform: combined arts, interdisciplinary arts, photography, visual arts   Contact: J.P



The digital documentation of Tara Benjamin-Morgan’s work has always been an uncomfortable area for her. She regards it as an act which wreaks havoc on the notion of beauty; placed upon the screen, the image exhausts the possibilities of looking. This exhibition at the Jam Factory will mainly present a selection of her recent paintings, each of which offers another world in which a viewer might exist; where the imagination may immerse itself and supplement the ambiguous forms with fragments of memories and dreams in order to create new narratives. She aspires to create images which can metamorphose under the scrutiny of the prolonged gaze, becoming something which digital documentation cannot hope to truly record nor convey to absent eyes.

The exhibition will also include two of her drawings, in which she oscillates between the direct observation of found objects or photographs, and the rich embellishments of her mind’s eye that are heavily influenced by the time she spent drawing in the Anatomy department.

Finally, the short series of photographs form part of her most direct response to digital documentation. She regards them as far more sincere forms of documentation; though they withhold a great deal of the art object from the spectator and are distinctly unrepresentative, they are far more able to preserve the posterity of the unique art object and complement the fragility of the remembered encounter.

Exhibition runs from 11th Febuary to 16th March.

10am-11pm. Admission is free.

The Jam Factory, 27 Park End Street, Oxford, OX1 1HU.



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