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White Cube/Dark Cube: Experimental film and the gallery, Sidney Cooper Gallery

South East, Canterbury Artform: film, museums, photography   Contact: Hazel Stone



February 19th / 9.30am – 5pm / £35, £25 students (includes lunch)

Sidney Cooper Gallery, Canterbury

Since the 1990s film and video have become common features of the gallery environment. However, while what is now termed ‘artists’ film and video has thrived with the white cube, and while 16mm film projection has survived thanks almost entirely to the gallery, experimental film and video makers have witnessed a decline in opportunities to show work on cinema screens, or on television. Meanwhile the growth of the internet has provided some film and video makers with an alternative means by which to reach audiences.

Although critics such as Chrissie Iles have seen the environment of the white cube as a liberation from the ‘restrictions’ of traditional cinema (“Cinema becomes a cocoon, inside which a crowd of relaxed idle bodies is fixed, hypnotised by simulations of reality projected onto a single screen”), what is lost and what is gained when experimental film is shown outside the dark cube – the environment in which it first developed and once thrived?

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The deadline for bookings is February 10th

Prof. Chris Meigh-Andrews   

One Artist’s Journey: From Videotape to Video Sculpture and site-specific projections and commissioned installations

Dr. Glyn Davis  

Arrested Movement: Slow film between cinema and the gallery

Sarah Duncan  

Steve McQueen: ‘The Go-Between’

Ashitha Nagesh  

Sanctuary or Prison?: Middle Eastern Revolution as Seen in the White Cube

Prof. Steve Hawley  

Who do I sit on? Narrative, the gallery and the cinema

Dr. Marco Grosili  

Return Trip. From Contemporary Art to Cinema

Hala Georges  

From Rochester with Love

Cathy Rogers  

Paracinema: Resistances and Inconsistencies

Sonia McNally  

Exploring Video Art in ‘Sacred Space’

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