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Photoshop for Intermediates Workflow & Retouching, Thu 27 Feb, Photography Course London

London, Shoreditch Artform: crafts, combined arts, dance, film, interdisciplinary arts, libraries, literature, museums, photography, music, theatre, visual arts   Contact: Grace / Leela



1 day course | 10.30-17.30 | Thu 27 Feb | Shoreditch 

Aimed at those with a good understanding of the basics of Photoshop, Photoshop Foundation - Level 2 will take you to the next level, focusing on developing an efficient and non-destructive workflow from capture to output and focusing on advanced retouching.

Topics included include batch processing, colour spaces, ICC profiles, adjustment layers, belnd modes, retouching techniques, bit depth, dynamic range, actions and more.

The course is delivered by tutor and Photoshop specialist, Mikael Eliasson.

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