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Arts Event Management Course - Sep 13th / 14th

London Artform: crafts, combined arts, dance, film, interdisciplinary arts, libraries, literature, museums, photography, music, theatre, visual arts   Contact:



An intensive introductory weekend course in arts event management from a professional who has been organising events of all sizes in London and internationally for over ten years for the cultural industries, and other industries, as well as founding and running a successful events and education company working on national and international events over several years. 

Since 2011 100+ participants have successfully taken the Arts Event Management Course from across all arts disciplines, including freelancers, SMEs and major public and private institutions.

The course costs £175.00 (concessions and early birds available in selected cases). There are limited places. Email for more details and to book

The course includes:

Fundraising for the arts, public, private

- Different company structures, key roles and responsibilities

- Writing proposals, pitching projects, filling in applications

- Conceiving, researching and developing an event or event series

- Determining event feasibility, aims and desired outcomes

- Sourcing potential venues, suppliers and speakers

- Planning, budgeting and scheduling, milestones and accounts

- Branding and marketing an event, audience development 

- Event co-ordination and managing a team, effective delegation

- Logistics management, admin, checklists, common pitfalls

- Event delivery on the day, dealing with the public

Health and safety, necessary permissions

- Event evaluation and lessons learned

- Networking and raising business

- Basic business skills

- Practical exercises

- Handouts



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