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Misconceptions about Video, Phink

London Artform: film, visual arts   Contact: Mark Wilson



Video has taken off, but like all things there are still some sceptics in the world that have some varying misconceptions they are holding on to. It is time to stamp out those myths inside your head for good though and get you and your business back on track and off of the negativity.

Online Video is too Expensive

“I don’t have the money”, that is what people who do have money and just don’t want to spend it say. Those who don’t have money aren’t super eager to tell people it… “It will cost more than we have”, there are many companies out there that are willing to work with all sorts of budgets. Don’t let the idea of thinking that a hotshot video is more than you can handle. In all reality there is something out there for all budgets and all designs. Just go and take a look and talk to different companies, it just might surprise you.

You don’t have anything to say so it won’t work for you

Everyone has something to say… Once you start researching you’ll see that a majority of your competitors already have videos and soon after the creative juices will start flowing. This blog could be made into a video blog if you wanted to really. Even if you are sitting in a silent room there are still thoughts bouncing around people’s heads and observations that can be had. There is not a product, thought, idea, or service out there that the creative at video production companies cannot think of a clever way to showcase it.

I hope reading this eased your pain on some video production myths. There is nothing bad, scary, or harmful in video. But quite the contrary, it can further your business, ease your marketing and help you say more than you could on paper. It has become the way to interact, communicate and soar your business to the next level. 



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