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Cultural Coalition - Contemporary art from India and the UK, Plastic Propaganda

London Artform: visual arts   Contact: William Henry



Hyde House, Langley Street, London WC2H 9JG

11am - 8pm daily

14 - 25 July 2014

The UK has a special relationship with India which is based on strong ties of shared history, and by a cultural bond that has been richly celebrated in art, literature, film and music for generations.

Despite 60 years of independence, the UK and India still have this special connection, which is intensified through the movement of people. The colonial links and the shared language encouraged a constant movement of people from India to the UK, even prior to independence. The continued flow means that people of Indian origin are today the largest ethnic minority group in the UK. There are over 1 million people of Indian origin in the UK making up almost 25% of the UK's ethnic minority population.

At a social level, the links that the UK shares with India are very deep and important but these links have not always translated into a shared outlook. For some, the relationship is still overshadowed by the memory of the Raj and the need for atonement for historic wrongs committed; ill-treatment of ordinary people in India, the arrests and massacres of those who demanded democracy and independence, the man-made famines and the economic exploitation.

This complicated relationship therefore raises many political and ethical questions - some of which have been addressed by the contributing artists in this show.

Paula MacArthur

Aradhna Tandon

William Henry

Kate Linforth

Mandakini Devi

Lucy Gresley

Sangeeta Kumar Murthy

Mahhima Bhayanna

Devajyoti Ray

Harsha Vardan Durugadda

Richard Sage

Ragini Sinha

Suchismita Sahoo

Angus Pryor

Anjula Crocker

John Butterworth

Baskar Singha

Richard Brooks



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