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A Callout for Particuarly Interesting Things: Exhibtions/Events, Ziferblat

London Artform: crafts, combined arts, dance, film, interdisciplinary arts, libraries, literature, museums, photography, music, theatre, visual arts   Contact: April, Gaia, Sophie, Ellie, Michal, Natalle & Jona



Callout for Artists, Musicians, Facilitators, Poets, Workshops, More, and Other

Ziferblat is a social experiment, a tree house for grown-ups, an extension of your own living room hidden within the bustling heart of London. The space is ours and yours. To use to create, collaborate, experiment and play; To establish a community of people who want to build something interesting together.

And Ziferblat are asking, what would you do with the space?

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Please do get in touch soon. You can write to us in an email or letter, or drop by for some tea and a chat. We warmly anticipate your responces, and excitedly look forward to hearing your ideas.

Until then,
The Ziferblations



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Unpaid opportunities

We recognise that there is great value in people having access to proper work experience, where it is offered and arranged properly and is a mutually beneficial arrangement, but that this should never be used as a way of attempting to circumvent national minimum wage regulations. Please ensure that your posts are compliant with our terms and conditions. We reserve the right to remove any posts without further notice to you which, in our reasonable judgment, do not comply with the terms and conditions.

Internships in the arts

Arts Council and Creative & Cultural Skills have published these guidelines to help clarify the legal obligations of arts organisations offering internships.

Please note that we will not accept postings on Arts Jobs for unpaid internships unless they are part of a recognised further or higher education course.