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The most advance workshop for documentary makers, Inovi

South East Artform: film, interdisciplinary arts, visual arts   Contact: Zoha



Producing Documentaries Workshop

Saturday 20th and Saturday 27th of September, 2014

Bethnal Green, London

£180 (£150 early bird discount until August 10th)

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The documentary industry has blossomed in the last decade with more development initiatives, festivals and ultimately opportunities to get films produced. However the landscape has also grown much more complicated and intertwined. Documentary producers working today not only need to be able to develop engaging projects but they also need to grapple with a myriad of funders and their requirements, finance models and structures, exhibition opportunities and platforms and much more. Not to mention the constant pressures of monetising their films.

This Course is a practical and rigorous workshop in producing documentaries for the TV, Theatrical and Multi-platform space. Aimed at both aspiring producers and those that have some producing experience, the course will take participants through all the stages of producing from initial idea development through to sales and delivery. Participants will not only gain the expertise to take their projects from inception to delivery, but they will get the opportunity to develop their idea throughout the two sessions, resulting in an project outline being written that is ready to be sent to prospective collaborators and funders.

Course Content:

Developing Ideas- practical tips and advice
Knowing which route to go- TV commission or the big wide world?

Writing a project proposal and producing a teaser/taster
Seed and development funding- where to go and how to do it
Budgeting- the reality of budgeting documentaries

Understanding the different finance models and structures
Foundations and funding- what to know
TV commissions- what to know
Multi-platform project- what to know
Other sources of funding- crowd sourcing, donations, pre-sales, shares, in kind support etc..

Pitching and festival strategy
Legalities and contracts
Signing the deal

Production and Post Production
The pitfalls of production and postproduction- tips and advice
Finishing funds- what there is?


Sales and international distribution
Exploiting assets across different platforms
Monetising your film
Theatrical release?

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