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Free masterclass with WatkinsDance, IdeasTap

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This is an opportunity to work with Artistic Director, Anna Watkins and her company dancers in a 3-hour masterclass. Including technique class, creative excercises and learning company repertory. This is suitable for those in their 3rd year of professional dance training and professional dancers as Anna’s work is physical and demanding. 

About Anna Watkins/WatkinsDance:

Anna graduated from the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance in July 2005. Since then Anna has worked with European Ballet, Nevillle Campbell, Pair Dance, MaxwellDanceProject and Shobana Jeyasingh. Anna is currently dancing for Tavaziva Dance which she joined in 2007 and became the Rehearsal Assistant for in 2009/2010.

As a teacher and choreographer she has taught various of workshops and choreographed various curtain raisers across the UK. Anna has taught technique classes at the CAT Nottingham, Shuffle Youth Company, The Place and various professional classes. Anna will be joining the faculty of AEDA Arts Academy from September as Head of Contemporary Dance.

Anna formed her own company WatkinsDance in May 2011. ‘Broken Silence’ was her first production. More recently in May 2012, Anna was awarded a grant from the Arts Council England for the production of 'Angled Eye' for WatkinsDance. Anna performed a solo which was an extract of her new work 'Forget - me - not' at the Dance Again Foundation Gala Evening in May 2012.

Her work has been shown at different venues on tour in 2012, Tottenham Civic Day 2011, ADAD open stage event, Ella Thiele Arts, the launch of the Female Choreographers Collective, Resolutions 2013 and International performance of 'Inseparable' in Italy, La Spezia in 2013. 

The workshop will take place at Siobhan Davies dance studios on 1 August from 10am - 1pm.

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