Life Enrichment with Animals Programme (LEAP), Furry Tales at Stepney City Farm

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  • Other, Creative art and nature based activities with animals
  • Jane Plimmer


Life Enrichment with Animals Programme (LEAP)

Furry Tales at Stepney City Farm

  • Would you, or people you know or support enjoy spending time interacting with animals and nature, and engaging in creative practical activities in the peaceful setting of Stepney City Farm?
  • Furry Tales are piloting a six-week programme of workshops (LEAP), to explore the over-arching theme of ‘enrichment’ and how we might collaborate creatively to ‘enrich’ our own lives and those of the farm animals.

LEAP builds on Furry Tales’ popular and successful model of Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) for older adults, featured in The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Metro and Time-Out. More information is available at

Experienced AAA practitioners will facilitate a series of LEAP workshops on the farm. Using observation, animal handling, reflection, group discussion, problem-solving and creativity, different animals and different aspects of ‘enrichment’ will be considered each week. Participants will also be able to engage in animal related, creative and nature based arts and crafts related to the ‘enrichment’ ideas generated.  Both to enhance the animals’ quality of life and observe the positive differences their actions can make.

Prospective LEAP dates: April /May 2018 (Dates & Times TBC)

Location: Stepney City Farm, Stepney Way, London, E1 3DG


6 weeks – 2 hours a week. 1 hour Animal Assisted Activity (discussion, observation & animal handling) followed by a 45 minute creative, arts-based animal related enrichment task, and then refreshments.

Week 1: Welcome, health and safety, meet the animals, farm tour & overview.

Week 2: Environment: Security & Shelter (featured animal: Guinea Pigs).

Week 3: Exercise, Engagement & Connection (featured animal: Rabbits).

Week 4: Esteem & Well-being (featured animal: (Chickens & Ex-Battery Hens)

Week 5: Entertainment & Fun (featured animal: Ferrets).

Week 6: Evaluation (Reflection on human / our own ‘Hierarchy of Needs’)

Cost: £20 per session. £100 block booking for 6 week course. Concessions available. Maximum 10 participants. Fees cover all materials and refreshments.

For more information and to BOOK A PLACE: Please e-mail: or call Jane on 07941 41 97 83