UK-Greece Artist Exchange, International Theatre Institute


CALL FOR WRITERS, DRAMATURGS: The International Theatre Institute (ITI) is running the first edition of the Inter-Europe Artist Exchange Project. The project will see different countries in Europe paired together in order to arrange exchanges for emerging artists.

The United Kingdom have been paired with Greece. We are looking for a writer or dramaturg to be the British representative for this project by travelling to Athens to attend the Analogio Festival which takes place from September 17th-30th 2018. The Festival will take place from September 21st-27th. You will over the course of the exchange prepare an original piece of work representative of your experience in Greece. This may be a dramaturgical reading of a play you saw or an essay about a perspective discussed at the festival or an original play/performance (you have the freedom to choose how you present your experience). You will be an ambassador for the theatre community of the United Kingdom and as such are expected to be professional at all times and respectful of your Greek hosts. All expenses are covered (including accommodation, food, transport and basic costs you might incur in Greece) but you will need to pay for travel to Athens.

To apply - please send a CV, any examples of your work (photos, videos, script, etc.) and your answer to the question "Why should we choose you to represent the United Kingdom in the inaugural edition of the ITI Inter-Europe project?" to by July 6th 2018

For answers to any questions or to get more information about the project, email