Photoshop Summer School, Photography Course London


Our Photoshop Summer School is aimed at complete beginners and covers the complete foundations of Adobe Photoshop. Delivered over 4 half days (6-9 Aug) and in a relaxed and professional classroom environment, participants will be taught via a combination of theory and practical, and will work from the comfort of their own laptops. The main catagories covered are Workflow, the RAW Coverter (ACR), making Adjustment Layers and Non-Destructive Retouching.

Participants will begin by learning how to improve the visual quality of their image by making fundamental edits. 

The second half of the course will go into key areas such as non-destructive retouching, working with adjustment layers, cloning in layers, organising the layer stack, keyboard shortcuts and the workspace. There is also a focus on fundamental editing skills, such as colour with curves, layer masks and selective corrections. All editing will be taught with image quality in mind.

Course Content

  • Become familiar with the program
  • RAW and Adobe Camera Raw (ACR)
  • Brightness & Contrast
  • Colour Corrections
  • RGB and the 256 brightness levels
  • Adjustment Layers
  • Levels 
  • Curves
  • Hue / Saturation
  • Image Rotation 
  • Crop Tool
  • Basic Retouching
  • Healing Brush Tool
  • Clone Stamp Tool
  • Adding a border
  • Canvas size
  • Image Size and Pixel Dimensions
  • Saving Files & File Formats & their uses
  • File Compression
  • File Size
  • History
  • History Brush
  • Selections
  • Black & White Conversions
  • Using Bridge
  • Workflow
  • ACR Adobe Camera RAW Workflow
  • Batch Processing
  • Basic Colour Management
  • Colour spaces
  • ICC profiles
  • Levels
  • Histograms in Depth
  • Precise Colour with Curves
  • Layer types and uses
  • Adjustment Layers
  • Managing Layers
  • Blend Modes
  • Layer Masks
  • Groups
  • Retouching Techniques using Layers
  • Resolution & Resizing
  • Bit Depth
  • 8 bits vs 16 bits / channel
  • Tonal range
  • Dynamic range
  • Unsharp Mask
  • High Pass Sharpening
  • Creating custom Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Actions