ICAT London presents TOP GIRLS by Caryl Churchill, Independent Centre for Actor Training, London

  • London
  • combined arts, interdisciplinary arts, theatre
  • Bethany Sharp


ICAT London Presents Top Girls

Performances: 4th & 5th July at Jacksons Lane Theatre

‘Me Too’ are what women all over the world are saying right now… have we reached a tipping point?
25 years ago, what were women saying? 1000 years ago…?

Can Caryl Churchill’s controversial classic from the '80s, Top Girls, give us some insight into the public successes and private dilemmas that have torn women through the centuries, strengthening and inspiring them to fight against, with, and for each other to currently be able to say ‘Time’s Up!’

At the height of her career, Marlene takes her hard-won place at a dinner table filled with remarkable women from the past to celebrate. Yet the women in Marlene’s own past are in a less than celebratory mood and Marlene can’t ignore them completely.

ICAT London’s final-year acting students take on Caryl Churchill’s radical play in a brand new production directed by the RSC’s Aileen Gonsalves.

To buy tickets, please ring the Jackson Lane Theatre Box Office on 020 8341 4421 or book online: