Call-out: Workshops, Skill-swaps, Socials, etc., Theatre Deli

  • London
  • crafts, combined arts, film, interdisciplinary arts, literature, music, theatre, visual arts
  • Peter Wiedmann


Theatre Deli at Broadgate is growing, and we’re looking for more ideas for regular or one-off events for our Flexi-Space programme. 

So far we’ve hosted everything from a series of salons about gender in performance and games nights to LARP sessions and workshops on creating an opera from scratch, and much more. 

We’re doing a call-out for our Autumn programme. We’re looking for creative people who want to utilise the space for skill-sharing, workshopping, idea-swapping, game-playing, discussing, making, educating, awareness-raising, film-screening, or whatever idea you want to throw at us.  We are looking for activities that enliven this creative space, bringing art to the heart of where people live and work so that access to creativity and culture is interwoven into their everyday lives. 

We want to offer people a space in our creative hub in the heart of the city to meet up and exchange skills, ideas, resources, and laughs. All we ask is that all proposals for the space remain free and open to the public, and are made as accessible as possible to everyone.

We will be looking to programme the space evenings from July through new year.  

Please get in touch with your proposal and any relevant background information.

Email with your ideas!