Looking to grow your business but cannot produce the quantity?, Crafts Council


Workshop: Grow your creative business: how to work with manufacturers

25th June - Manchester

Looking to grow your business but cannot produce the quantity? Looking to expand your product range or portfolio practice? Do you have the ideas but not the resources to product the work that you want?

Don't fear the manufacturing process, it can make a significant benefit to your business capacity, income and growth

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25th June - Manchester

Why should you attend?

  • Find out about how to visualise the expansion of your business
  • Get direct and professional advice from representatives from manufacturing on the logistics of working with manufacturers.
  • Find out the top tips from experienced makers working with manufacturers and fabricators in UK and aboard

What is on offer?

  • Advice on what to expect when working with manufacturers including contracts, budget planning, timescales and potential order requirements
  • How to realise your business potential, whether through batch production or scaling up to large scale projects
  • What investment you need to be considering when working with manufacturers and fabricators

What refreshments are provided on the day?

Tea and coffee will be provided at the start of the session

**£5 Discount available to Crafts Council Directory makers, please email for more info**

How to work with manufacturers workshop is part of a series of workshops and events designed by the Crafts Council to provide makers with skills to export and promote their work successfully