Agora Project Open Call, Art Night London 2018


Participate and create a communal public artwork with us!

Agora is a participatory site-specific installation project led by Turkish artist Özge Topçu. It is inspired by the idea of the marketplace - arguably one of the most organic urban landscapes in history.

Agora was selected to be part of Art Night 2018 taking place on Saturday 7th July and will be presented at New Covent Garden Market between 6pm-2am.

In the run up to the festival, the artist will engage with the local community through a series of workshops in which the participants together with the artist will create designs for alternative public spaces built from one of the key components of the market place – the market box.

The aim of the workshops is an opportunity to give ownership of the urban landscape back to local residents, to empower the participants and ask them, and the audience, to consider their role in building of the urban landscape of the future.

After the structure is built the participants will enjoy refreshments and snacks while reflecting on creation of the new public space, considering its temporality.

The workshop are free and accessible to all regardless of previous experience.

We are looking for motivated and curious participants who are interested in urban life and collaborative creation.

There will be extra placement for architecture/ urban planning/ art school students. 

Workshops schedule: 

ROSE Community Clubroom,

22 Ascalon St, London SW8 4DJ

13th, 14th, 19th, 21st, 22nd of June (weekdays) at 10:00-14:00

New Covent Garden Market

Flower Market Rooftop Car Park, Nine Elms Lane, SW8 5BH

23th, 24th of June (weekend) at 14:00-18:00

27th of June (weekday) at 18:30-21:30

30th of June, 1th of July (weekend) at 14:00-18:00

5th, 6th of July (weekdays) at 18:30-21:30

7th of July at 14:00-18:00 followed by event at Art Night from 18:00-2:00

Attendance to multiple workshops is desired but not mandatory.

Invitation is open from 11th of June till 7th of July 2018

For any questions please contact:

Supported by:

New Covent Garden Market,