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Hosted by rb&hArts,

Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust

 When: 12.30-2pm, 10th July 2018.

Location: Royal Brompton Hospital seminar room 2, Sydney St, Chelsea, London SW3 6NP

Royal Brompton Hospital celebrates the gratitude of patients in a variety of ways. This builds on a long tradition of mutually appreciative relationships between patients and staff.

There is fascinating archive of letters exchanged between former tuberculosis patients and the almoners of the Royal Brompton Hospital. Patients were asked to write in regularly with updates on their health, and many took the opportunity to express their thanks. Letters were often accompanied by contributions of stamps, small donations, and gifts – sometimes decades after discharge and highlight some of the fascinating stories of stigma and stamina from those whose voices are not usually heard in history.

Giskin Day is a Principal Teaching Fellow at Imperial College London where she leads on medical humanities, a discipline that explores the cultural contexts of medicine. She is soon to embark on a PhD at King’s College London on the topic of gratitude in healthcare.

Giskin Day will be considering the expression and reception of gratitude – past, present and future – as part of a ground-breaking study to be based at the Royal Brompton Hospital.

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