The Hedge Project

  • East Midlands, Nottingham Leicester & Kettering
  • visual arts


Press Release

Hedges play an important role in our lives in both urban and rural environments.
They contain animals, humans and define edges, borders and boundaries, harbouring a chaotic structure with a natural order. Easily overlooked, these living ecosystems, often endangered, are the subject of an art project in 2018.
A hedge in a small village in Northamptonshire sits quietly on a horizon, stretching over a hill for over 300 metres.
Artist Claire Morris-Wright has regularly walked along it in all seasons, looking and noticing the changes and recording this through drawing, painting, textile and print.
The result of this study is a body of art work which explores the fascination with a natural structure which is imbued with a surprisingly powerful range of symbols and metaphor.

“To be working from one hedge and to produce such exquisite and wide-ranging work is nothing short of remarkable. We can glean much in the way of engagement with and understandings of Claire’s work from the natural or organic sources she uses to both execute the pieces and create some of the colours she uses.” Eddie Chambers. Professor of contemporary art history at the University of Texas.

Claire Morris Wright was awarded funding from Arts Council England to run a project based on the art work, which engages groups and people with issues of the environment, ecologies and wildlife. The exhibitions will launch on July 28th at the first venue, Wallner Gallery, Lakeside Arts, Nottingham
Claire Morris-Wright is one of the founding members of Knighton Lane Artists Studios and Leicester Print Workshop and has exhibited widely. She was Artist in residence at Loughborough University, interviewed about her work by BBC Radio 4 and has a public art piece at the Curve Theatre Leicester.

28th July - 8th September Wallner Gallery Lakeside Arts Nottingham University
11th September - 29th October Leicester Print Workshop Gallery
17th November - 22nd December Kettering Museum and Art Gallery