Autumn 'The Creative Genius' workshops, Manchester

  • North West, Manchester
  • literature, Other, Performance, Writing
  • Heidi Hinda Chadwick


Stories. As old and as ancient as the passing of time itself. Their very nature bypassing the old rules of time, passing over into the immortal, the infinite, the never changing.
What are the stories that you have been living from? What are the stories that are living through you, shapeshifting you without your knowing? What are the stories that touch you deep within your bones and make you remember. Remember something old, something ancient?

I am delighted to offer a few new workshops that are held in the potent space between Samhain and Winter solstice. Both are about enchantment. And magic. And telling story. Focusing on writing and performance, both are held in the space of 'The Creative Genius studio', grounded in our bodies, serving our truth, beauty, freedom and love :-)

Open to all, no experience necessary.

An uber dash and marvellous dollop of magic, alchemy and deep soul devotion.

Sunday 4th November 'Fabulous and Fierce Storytelling from our Bones', and,

Sunday 25th November 'The Little Death: Inviting Eros to Tell Tales'.

For more info and to book your place, head over to this link :-) In magic, wonder and grace, Heidi Hinda.