Documentary Film Making Workshop *Free*, SPID Theatre

  • London
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  • Dan Pollock



For the next 5 weeks, we at SPID Theatre are running a free masterclass in documentary filmmaking for young people aged 13-25. During this time you will learn valuable skills from professionals, have access to state of the art equipment to hone your craft and by the end of it all, you will have made an award worthy documentary film.

This film is made for Young People, about Young People and by Young People and we need YOU to get it off the ground! Our subject is the iconic Alexandra Road estate (Look it up!) and the people who inhabit it; young and old. We want to uncover the unfiltered stories of young residents and shout to the world, through film of course, why social housing matters.

So if you are a up and coming filmmaker, director, cinematic visionary or just want to see what we are about - Come along to our workshops every Saturday until the 8th of December from 12-5 at the ARC Youth Centre on the Alexandra Road Estate.


SPID Theatre is a youth arts charity that works with young people on and near council estates to create exciting theatre and high quality community art that is participatory, adventurous and interactive. We specialise in immersive promenade performances that take place in neglected community spaces and have won prizes for this nationally. We champion this popular and accessible form of theatre as a means of strengthening local communities and encouraging typically hard-to-reach participants to get involved. We have also made a number of documentaries that shine a spotlight on underrepresented communities.

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