One Night Stand - PV, Barbican Arts Group Trust

  • London, South East
  • film, photography, visual arts
  • Sharon van Heck


One Night Stand

Fundraising exhibition by Hertford Road Studio Artists and Special Guests
20% proceeds to Barbican Arts Group Trust's Education Programme
Barbican Arts Group Trust Reg Company No 06355408 - Reg Charity No 1120918

Exhibition Online 1st – 9th December
Exhibition PV and drinks 7th December 2018, 6:30pm - 9pm
Atrium Space, Barbican Arts Group Trust, 32a Hertford Road, London N1 5SH
All works may be purchased online or directly on PV night.

Hannah Bays
Mark Bell
John Bischoff
Lesley Dalton
Mel Duarte
Georgina Griffiths
Lucy Harris
Hayley Harrison
Timothy Hyman
Neil Irons
Anna Jung Seo
David  Leister
Caterina Lewis
Richard Liley
Amanda Lwin
Lucile Montague
JJ Morgan
Charlotte C Mortensson
Theo Niderost
Jiro Osuga
Amy Petra Woodward
Will Smith
Peter Sutton
Andreea Teleaga
Charles Veyron
Mark Wainwright
Emma Wilde

At 8pm
For BAGT, David Leister has assembled a programme of short 16mm films dealing with sound and the senses. Programme includes a selection of artist’s films and an archive film dealing with the ‘science’ of sound. Programme is approximately 30 minutes. Films will include:

‘Colour Bars’
16mm 3 minutes Leister/ Harris 2018

‘Science in the Orchestra’
16mm 12 minutes 1950

An archive film from the Kino Club Library, COI Realist Film Unit

‘Silent House’  
16mm 3 minutes David Leister 2017

3.30" 16mm, black & white, optical sound  Lucy Harris 2006

‘Music For A While’
16mm, BW, 4’40” Oliver Bancroft 2012