The Mythic Imagination - Training Workshop - 2nd & 3rd JAN,



“Magical, spontaneous, tender, deep, joyful, insightful… More please!’ 

Holly Stoppit - performance skills teacher

A two-part, weekend workshop that dives into the mythic landscape to awaken the story-maker. Playfully exploring the collective unconscious and the language of symbol and archetype, it offers an embodied, immersive and practical doorway to the wild terrain of the imagination.

A chance for performers and artists to excavate the vital principles and processes that invigorate personal and collective creative practice.

In the Work Centre’s signature style, the work creates an atmosphere of personal research while nurturing the findings of the group.

Participants will develop skills in storytelling, improvisation, word play, embodied practice and ensemble techniques to inspire personal discoveries, and invigorate the discipline and freedom of performance practice.

Open to artists and performance practitioners of any kind and, while physically demanding, is accessible to all.

“Every performer should do this. Beautiful work, excellent with strong facilitation”

Igne Barkauskaite - actress and physical theatre workshop facilitator

Previous feedback:

“A place where lost voices can find a home.”

“A safe environment to connect in a deep, honest way and to meet, face and move beyond our edges.”

“A unique experience led by very professional, aware and sensitive individuals.”

Led by Henry McGrath and Eleanor Buchan. |

‘Excavating Freedom’ is part of regular ‘Research Cycles’ in Bristol dedicated to the investigation of freedom on stage, in the rehearsal room and for private practice.

2nd & 3rd March

1-6pm (both days)

£33 per session, £56 for both parts - 15% discount for returning participants

Factory 8, Upton Road, Southville, Bristol BS3 1QZ