The Art World: Past, Present, Future 1969-2019++, Sotheby's Institute Of Art

  • London
  • combined arts, film, interdisciplinary arts, libraries, museums, photography, visual arts
  • Helena Foster


A conference celebrating 50 years of Sotheby's Institute of Art

Marking 50 years of being at the vanguard of connoisseurship and object-based studies, and 25 years of our innovative MA in Art Business, we are delighted to present a two-day conference exploring the art world's ecosystem now, its historic roots, and its future.
Four sessions, by leading scholars and professionals in the field will explore: the art world of the late 1960s that gave birth to the Institute; the development of the art market over the past 50 years and into the future; Asian art and complex relations between 'East' and 'West'; and the changing role of connoisseurship. Each panel will include short lectures, a panel discussion and debate. Keynote speakers will consider the years 1969 and 2019 in more detail, further developing our understanding of the key moments that have shaped the art world and its markets over the previous 50 years.

The conference includes contributions by Faculty from Sotheby's Institute of Art and the University of Manchester, highlighting the 2020 celebration of the 25-year partnership between the two institutions.

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