Workshop | The Found Text: Writing for Devised Theatre, Chris Fittock Arts & Heritage


10th August 2019 | 11am-4.30pm | £25 / £20 conc. | The France-Hayhurst, Liverpool Waterfront

What is the role of the writer in a devising process? And what may be an analogue to the performers' physical process of intuition and spontaneity?

Using his ten years' experience as a writer with Tmesis Theatre, one of the UK's leading physical theatre companies, Chris suggests the 'found text' approach as an intuitive yet serendipitous generator of ideas.

We will use this methodology around the historic Liverpool waterfront and, in doing so, also consider the subsequent relationship that develops between writing, humankind and the natural environment around us.

Also enjoy exclusive use of the historic France-Hayhurst, moored at the Liverpool waterfront, as a unique afternoon setting and inspiration for working on your own writing, whether indoors or on deck.

Plus feedback and other advice on your text following the event.

This workshop takes place on the historic France-Hayhurst, moored at Royal Albert Dock Liverpool.

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