Farnham Maltings awards 40k in New Popular seed funding


Back in February Farnham Maltings issued an open call out to artists, venues and arts promoters to propose new theatre projects which would be developed alongside the audiences they are hoping to reach. All projects were required to have community partners on board and demonstrate a want from all to create something new together. The response was fantastic and the 6 successful proposals articulate quirky, unlikely alliances between artists and football fans to shopping centres, grandparents, day centres and local mums groups.

Each of the seven projects have been offered seed funding to test their ideas and develop the work, the best of these Farnham Maltings hope to support into full production and share in new locations with further audiences.

These New Popular supported projects are all in a early phases of their conception, some being a kernel of an idea others have been piloted already but are now being explored alongside new audience groups these include Third Angel’s The Desire Paths, they will be working with HOME  to bring their street map project to Slough High Street. Miss High Leg Kick will also visit High Streets and Shopping Malls in Colchester and Crawley with Mannequin created for shop window performance. In Portsmouth, New Theatre Royal are working with Josh Breach to develop a new cabaret project with local mums and in Reading Cabaret is the form created by Dynamite Island as they work with South Street arts centre to create new performance with local, migrant Grandparents.

Whitehawk Football Club is the venue of Theatre FC, non league football fans the audience for this new project from The Future is Unwritten and Seaside arcades are being celebrated and challenged by Coney and Theatre Royal Margate as they explore We are the people with the people of Margate.