Double bill film screening, Birth Rites Collection

  • London
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  • Helen Knowles


Please come along to a special double bill film screening of
'Charity' by Kate Davis and 'Reproductive Exile' by Lucy Beech. This is part of the BRC Summer School programme but we have opened up this event as a special one off for everyone to enjoy.

ALL WELCOME - Book here for your ticket £6/£4

17th July 2019

Harris Lecture Theatre,
Hodgkins Building
Guy's Campus, Great Maze Pond,
London SE1 1UL

Reproductive Exile by Lucy Beech
Lucy Beech's new film Reproductive Exile follows the fictional story of a woman embarking in cross-boarder assisted reproduction. Whilst considering the gender bias in biomedical research the looping film is characterised by the entrapment of a perpetual journey and reveals the protagonists’ dependency on an intricate constellation of invisible female bodies; human and non-human, that work, care, constitute and provide for her reproductive journey. These bodies are invisibly linked by the production and sharing of animal and human sex hormones central to reproductive technologies. The film is shot in Czech Republic, where the lack of legislation associated with reproductive rights offers a degree of freedom to a diverse range of commissioning parents who are driven to the country by a range of social, political and economic forces, whilst sustaining a booming fertility industry. 

Charity by Kate Davis
Commissioned by LUX and Glasgow Film Festival in 2016. Charity was inspired by the ways in which the work of film-maker, poet and artist Margaret Tait, invites the viewer to contemplate fundamental emotions and everyday activities that are often overlooked. Taking artistic representations of breastfeeding as its focus, the film explores how the essential – but largely invisible and unpaid – processes we employ to care for others could be re-imagined.