SONG and BEAT: an inner journey through voice and drumming, Frame Drums UK

  • London, South Hackney
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  • Elizabeth Nott


SONG and BEAT is an attempt to deepen the relationship between voice and drumming and our human experience. This is an opportunity to explore the depths of our own voice in connection to our body and soul, together with the pulsation of a beat or rhythm. 
Frame drums have been used in ancient times for ritualistic/spiritual ceremonies and to mark seasonal changes and rites of passage. 
Hosted by Elizabeth Nott, she will be mainly teaching frame drumming and body percussion, and guest artists will be invited for voice coaching/singing games.

Our guest artist this time is Uran Apak! 

Elizabeth Nott is a music teacher and musician based in London. She has a BA in Ethnomusicology from SOAS University specialising in Middle Eastern Music and Percussion, and has done various music teaching courses including Dalcroze Eurhythmics.   

Elizabeth has been teaching MidEast percussion (frame drums and darbuka) for more than 8 years, integrating all the different methods she has learnt on the way, including South Indian "sulkatu", body percussion, Glen Velez method, Dalcroze and many others. She has performed with various artists and at various venues in UK and abroad.


Uran Apak is an inter-disciplinary artist and vocal coach, helping people use their voice as a vehicle of change, personal growth and emotional healing. Uran has been helping people free their voice since 2005.

He holds an MA in Sonic Arts from Goldsmiths University. He has performed at prestigious venues in UK and abroad. He is an award-winning songwriter and film composer. 
Uran has held voice workshops in community centres, hospices, companies, festivals and yoga centres. He currently facilitates private groups and one to one sessions in his home studio in Hackney.
Uran's teachers include as Bobby McFerrin (US) and Bat-Oyun (Mongolia). On his journey of self development he has studied yoga, martial arts, conscious dance and shamanic healing.


Cost: £35

All levels welcome! Other drums as well!

Bookings befire 17th June at