Photography for Beginners - Getting to know your camera, City Literary Institute


Photography for beginners, Course Dates: 18/07/19 - 01/08/19 
Time: 10:00 - 17:00 

If you still don't know what  half the buttons on your camera do,  discover how to use them properly and produce photographs you are happy with, even as a complete beginner. Gain useful technical knowledge and get expert creative guidance in easy-to-understand language. 

The course is about getting to know your camera and using it in a technically competent and visually interesting way, from knowing the functions and how to control them, to composing a photograph creatively. Learn about shutter speed, aperture, photo composition, lighting, and indoor/outdoor work. An inspiring introduction to photography as a form of creative self-expression anyone can learn.

We will cover the basic mechanics of photography, including but not limited to: 

- choice of digital or film camera
- exposure and taking light readings
- shutter speed settings and movement
- apertures (f-stops) and depth of field
- composition and lighting
- creative approaches to photographing different subjects.

Some concessions available.

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