Upcoming training courses on making work with young people, Company Three


Company Three are thrilled to announce their upcoming season of training courses for theatre-makers, facilitators, directors and anyone else interested in meaningful collaboration with young people.

Making Theatre with Young People: Tuesday 10 - Thursday 12 September 2019

This acclaimed course will show you how to make plays with young people. It explores how to create the conditions needed for meaningful collaboration and a step by step guide for how to turn source material into a finished play. It includes a practical evening session with Company Three members.

Wrighting and Writing: Thursday 19 - Friday 20 September 2019

This two day course is for people who have completed our main course, who have less experience in writing collaboratively and want to explore writing and structure in more detail. It includes a refresher of the C3 process and a session with some of our members in the Den - our informal making space for our members.

Workshop Design: Wednesday 18 September 2019

This one day course explores how to create a great one-off workshop. We’ll be looking at workshop structure, games and practical exercises to keep your participants engaged and illicit exciting, genuine responses. Participants are invited to bring real workshop topics and draft plans to work on as part of the course.

“I didn’t expect the course to be as playful and loving as it was and I feel I have walked away with more wisdom and knowledge that I could have expected to.”

“Working with Company Three was revelatory... This experience has transformed the way I make work and engage with different groups of young people and communities.”

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