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Hello there, my name is Ségolène: a Holistic Coach for Creatives. I offer a wide range of services which go from Life Coaching to Performance Coaching.

As a Holistic Coach, I help perfomers, actors, writers and creatives of the Arts to restore balance to their lives by inviting you to take a step back and look at the situation from every angle. 

As a Performance Coach, I will show you how to find alignment in your body, support your voice, breath and posture, prepare you for movement practice and teach you how to pronounce languages for parts you are working on. 

Have a look, have a think - is there something you'd like to work on specifically? Get in touch for your free assessment call and let's bring you back in tune with your creative self and conquer new skills!

You can find all my Coaching Packages directly on The Artful Athlete's website.

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