Open call - Vis-a-Vis - group exhibition, cARTa blanca art spaces

  • London
  • crafts, combined arts, film, photography, music, visual arts
  • Jack Oat


 cARTa blanca art spaces is proud to announce its first open call for the group exhibition Vis-à-vis. 

 Located right in the middle between the gentrified and the trully, original creative east London, we are setting off on journey to bridge the two. Starting a series of group and solo exhibitions we aspire to give emerging artists of every age, background, or medium, a platform to physically exhibit their work and interact with the public. Step up from the world of virtual, passive appreciation, to the reality of completing a project, putting it out there and let it converse with those curious enough to leave their comfort to come see what's new. Face to Face. Vis-à-vis.

 Open to ALL: As long as you are almost ready to show one of your projects, apply until midnight of Friday the 16th of August.