Addressing the Situation


Espacio Gallery

159 Bethnal Green Road

E2 7DG

Addressing the Situation

A production by Mandy Webb

12-17 Aug 2019 This collection of work started in 2012 with the Red Ribbon Dress. 

'The dress became my new canvas' 2014.

It is a collection of the autobiographical, i.e pieces, (dresses) that have been inspired from the beginning of my HIV Positive diagnosis, showing the vulnerability of the Hospital Gown to the later empowering 'Shield Maidens'. It is a journey from where I was in 2002 to where I am now and how I have used that experience.

It is a collection celebrating Women that have been great achievers, whether this was in the arts or in political struggles, women that didn't get the same recognition as their male counterparts. Women that through sheer fortitude have left us a wealth of creative masterpieces and information, even if we do sometimes have to dig deep for it. They are all part of 'Herstory' and continue to inspire the work that I do. 

It is also a collection that raises issues such as the Luxury Tax, the money we pay for necessities i.e female sanitary products and I have made my own 'Luxury Collection' using said products. Also about the effects of Austerity and how many have died due to the cruel work capability assessments and sanctions within the benefits system.
 It is about social injustice, or maybe it's about injustice all round!

The show was first seen in Bristol in 2015. Many more pieces have been added since then and it continues to evolve and grow.

Curated by Mandy Webb.