Forum Theatre Workshop, Cardboard Citizens


A rare opportunity to participate in a workshop by a leading expert in Forum Theatre from Senegal. 

Wax Ak Sa Bopp (Talk to Yourself) – A Workshop

Saturday 14 September (10am - 6pm) at Cardboard Citizens, Whitechapel, London. 

Limited places at £75


Mouhamadou Diol is a member and administrator of the Forum Theatre group Kaddu Yaraax, an organisation founded in November 1994 to support popular mobilisation against all sorts of social oppressions.

The main activity of KY is Forum Theatre, with frequent and regular performances taking place throughout Senegal. The trainers regularly facilitate Forum Theatre workshops for troupes from different parts of the country.

At present, Mouhamadou Diol is the coordinator of the Senegalese Forum Theatre festival, which has for fourteen years played a leading role in offering this interactive methodology to communities in the cause of development.

This workshop explores the essentials of using theatre as a medium for artistic expression and for self-discovery, working both at an individual and a collective level. The workshop is based on the political foundation of spiritual and behavioural decolonisation, starting with the decolonisation of theatre.

Kaddu Yaraax describe their theatre shows involving social intervention as ‘a light infrastructure, the conduct of which requires accessories and materials which are easily transportable. The method is a form of interactive and group learning, adapted to a context of illiteracy of the French language.

The workshop will feature the preparation, principles, creation, writing, staging and organisation of a Forum theatre show, as operated in the variety of social contexts in which Kaddu Yaraax works.

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