Tragic Ecology, Embodied Poetics

  • London
  • interdisciplinary arts, theatre, Arts Therapy
  • Amy Russell


Five days to re-create the relational world of the hero, coryphaeus and chorus

with Amy Russell and Giovanni Fusetti

October 14-18

Traditional Greek tragedy addresses the dilemma of human choices conflicting with the will of the gods and goddesses and with the orders of the cosmos, bringing death and destruction to the community. The irreversible loss of natural ecosystems is in front of our eyes and the tragedy of extinction is a play unfolding daily in the news. The roles of this play are many, and they are all entangled. The polluter, the activist, the lawmaker, the climate change denier, the environmental refugee...each role can be seen as a chorus and can deliver a coryphaeus to address poetically the ethical dilemma in which we are all caught. We are protagonists and antagonists at the same time.

This co-created workshop will be a collaborative work-in-progress, with facilitation drawing on insights from Gestalt Group Work, Depth Psychology, Systemic Constellations and World Work, and an embodied-poetic pedagogy of the tragic chorus.


Founder and Pedagogic Director of Embodied Poetics, is a senior teacher in the pedagogy of Lecoq/Copeau/Bing. She is a qualified and accredited Gestalt psychotherapist, a facilitator of group process for devising ensembles and a researcher in the social practice of collaborative creation and its revolutionary potential.

GIOVANNI FUSETTI, senior teacher of the pedagogy of Lecoq/Copeau/Bing, is a process facilitator, exploring theatre as a tool for artistic training, education, healing, personal awareness and political awakening. His pedagogical research includes Gestalt Therapy, Reichien analysis, Process Work and Permaculture.

London, E3 5QZ

Fee: £350