Introducing Freud: Sexuality, Freud Museum London


Sexuality is at the centre of Freudian psychology.

When Jung suggested that his work would meet with far less resistance from the medical profession and the public at large if he softened down the concept of libido so that it referred to a vague ‘life instinct’, rather than evoking thoughts of actual sex, Freud adamantly refused to do so, insisting that the truth about human beings could not be given up for the sake of mere social acceptance!

We will explore the ideas Freud saw as his most important contribution to human knowledge, reviewing all aspects of his theory of the key role of sexuality in the emotional development of the person from birth onwards, and asking the crucial question: Why Sex? That is, what were the factors leading Freud to make sexuality the cornerstone of his theory, and the chief focus of his work?

Sexuality day course outline.

This is the second of five Saturday courses offering a complete introduction to Freud. The course will be accessible to beginners – but is also designed for those already familiar with Freud’s work who wish to acquaint themselves with the results of the latest research and scholarship bearing upon it, and up-date themselves on the recent debates addressing the intellectual issues and controversies surrounding it.