Introducing Freud: The Later Freud, Freud Museum London


30 November, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

£48 - £65

Freud continually revised his theories throughout his career.

And in some of his later works he explicitly abandoned the fundamental assumptions on which his early thinking had been based. The most far-reaching of these departures were rooted in a series of new and profound psychological insights formulated around the time of the First World War. In the post-war period, he also broadened the scope of psychoanalytic thinking by offering comprehensive theories of religion and society.

The Later Freud day course outline

This is the fifth of five day courses offering a complete introduction to Freud. The course will be accessible to beginners – but is also designed for those already familiar with Freud’s work who wish to acquaint themselves with the results of the latest research and scholarship, and update themselves on the recent debates addressing the intellectual issues and controversies surrounding it.

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