Fabrizio Paterlini - Piano Microstories Publication Open Call

  • London, East Midlands and International
  • combined arts, interdisciplinary arts, literature, photography, music, visual arts, Other, Poetry
  • Ravinder Surah


Microstories is an ongoing continuation of piano scores which Paterlini will subsequently produce into his new musical album under his record label ‘Fabrizio Paterlini Records’.

I am working with the composer to create a publication that functions in harmony with the release of his upcoming album. The publication aims to be a multidisciplinary piece of art that combines photography and poetry in response to Paterlini’s one minute piano scores. We will accept newly created work and work which has already been created. We request that potential participants of this open call approach this idea with a considered creative attitude while listening to the music and being true to the emotive response it entices. Each piece of art must be considered in conjunction with the sensation of Paterlini’s Microstories music.

The publication will be curated by Gemma Land and Ravinder Surah alongside Fabrizio Paterlini. We aim for the publication to be around 90 pages. Once the publication is complete a copy of the digital publication will be uploaded online, and each contributor will receive a copy of the digital file. There is also the potential for this publication to be rendered in a physical book format in the future.

For submission details follow the links below (submissions can be emailed):

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