Queering the Art Classroom Collaborates: Private View


Join us for the private view of Queering the Art Classroom Collaborates on 20th September, an exhibition of six artists work curated by Ruth Dorber.

Since 2017, QTAC have worked in London schools with GCSE students to study gender and sexuality through art. Through the application of a pedagogy rooted in queer theory, Queering the Art Classroom explores the possibilities of challenging heteronormativity through art interventions. As such, Queering the Art Classroom aims to beyond the homo-normative inclusion of LGBTQIA + content, towards a deeper exploration of gender and sexuality.

In June 2019 we held an exhibition of GCSE art students work at the National Trust's Sutton House, displaying the results of their studies with QTAC, and invited six artists to make responses to it.

This exhibition presents new work made by Wayne Lucas, Cosima Cobley Carr, Diana Puntar, Annis Harrison, Ioana Lupascu and Matilda Ellis.

For more information, please see here.


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Instagram: @queeringtheartclassroom