Reading Stones: Anne Krinsky / Carol Wyss / Susan Eyre, St. Augustines Tower


26 September - 6 October, 2019

Anne Krinsky, Carol Wyss and Susan Eyre present an exhibition of site-specific works in response to the history and architecture of the ancient stone Tower of Saint Augustine, Hackney’s oldest building. Built in the 13th century, the tower houses a magnificent 16th century clock whose mechanisms still strike the hours, occupying three floors connected by steep spiral stone stairs.

Through their respective interests in the land, the body and the cosmos, Krinsky, Wyss and Eyre explore relationships between time and materiality. Their exhibited works provide singular “readings” of phenomena such as the erosion of gravestones, (re)configurations of human bones and the cosmological orbits of rocky bodies by which we measure time.

St. Augustines Tower

PV: Thursday 26 September 6 - 9 pm
Week 1 Hours: Friday 27 Sept, Saturday 28 Sept and Sunday 9 Sept / 12 - 6 pm
Tower Open Day: Sunday 29 September: With Volunteer Historians from 2:30 - 4:30 pm

Whitechapel First Thursday: 3 October 6 - 9 pm
Week 2 Hours: Friday 4 Oct, Saturday 5 Oct and Sunday 6 Oct / 12 - 6 pm 
Finissage: Sunday 6 October 12 - 6 pm

Anne Krinsky works across analogue and digital media - painting, printmaking, photography and video. Fascinated by the ways in which built and natural structures change over time, she is working on a project about wetlands and climate change. Anne has been awarded two Arts Council England Grants for the Arts and an Artists International Development Fund Grant.

Carol Wyss 
examines the relationship of human structures to their surroundings, using the human skeleton as a framework. She reconfigures her etched, cast and printed imagery of bones to create dramatic three-dimensional installations. Born in Switzerland, Carol lives and works in London and in Liechtenstein and exhibits across Europe.

Susan Eyre investigates unseen forces and the activity of matter in the universe, working with print, installation and video. Her interests include intangible phenomena that cannot be explained in terms of materiality, such as the aura of place and the dream of paradise. Susan has participated in research collaborations and exhibitions with scientists across the UK.