Develop your artistic voice at an artist residency in Greece!, IRIS ART CENTRE

  • Greece
  • combined arts, interdisciplinary arts, visual arts
  • Annette Luycx


Expand your artistic practice, develop your talents and your full artistic potential!

Come and enjoy a concentrated work period in a quiet rural area north of Athens, Greece to research and expand your artistic practice. The IRIS Artist Coaching Residency offers you a unique opportunity to develop your talents and explore new trails in your artistic expression. With years of experience in artistic talent development, an artistic mentor will support your development to your full artistic potential. These coaching residencies will offer you the time, space and support you need to make major transformations in your artistic development.

A stay at the IRIS Artist Residency is an especially rewarding experience that offers artists:

  • clearing of the lens

  • finding a new focus

  • setting new artistic goals

  • writing a new artistic statement

Forget all you have learned and rediscover the artist within through Annette Luycx's unique art methodology “Activating the Inner World”. Under her guidance, you will make new discoveries in the development of your artistic potential. This artistic talent development consists of identifying and tapping into your artistic sources, exploring deeper layers, new visions, concepts, and practices.