Evolve your Wardrobe with Riccardo, finalist of the Sewing Bee, FABRICATIONS - Hackney


A keen advocate of sustainable fashion, Riccardo believes in reusing and recycling wherever possible to reduce waste. He also believes that this way of working stimulates our creativity by producing something ‘new’ with what we have. One of his proudest makes is a leather jacket he created from a leather sofa he found in the street!

Many of us have items in our wardrobe we no longer wear, unfinished sewing project or charity shop finds. With your garments in hand and a spirit of adventure, join Riccardo in rethinking, rearranging and remodelling these clothes into something new and wearable!

All levels of sewer are welcome but basic sewing skills are recommended. Riccardo will guide you according to your interests and level of ability. However, If you have never used a sewing machine before and would like to attend Riccardo’s class, we recommend attending our Beginners Sewing 1 class first.

On completion of this class participants will confidently be able to:

– look at old clothes from a new perspective

– transform garments in a more ‘freestyle’ fashion

– style to your tastes and body shape

– explore a range of creative construction methods

– discover ways to incorporate embellishing ideas such as adding applique or a frill

– walk away with a new and wearable outfit

PLEASE BRING: 1 – 3 items of clothing to ‘evolve’. As we are using domestic sewing machines and over lockers, it is not advisable to bring heavy duty items such as jeans, coats or leather items. There will also be an inspiring pick n mix collection of vintage & salvaged haberdashery available, that you can incorporate. If you are unsure on what to bring please do contact Fabrications to discuss further.

WHEN: Saturday 5th October, 11am - 5pm

WHERE: Fabrications, 7 Broadway Market, Hackney, London E8 4PH.

PRICE: £75

TO BOOK: E mail or call Barley on 020 7375 8943 or BOOK ONLINE via Fabrications website CALENDAR.