Cow-car and colossal canaries help celebrate clean air, VIEWPOINTS by Festival of Thrift

  • North East, Yorkshire
  • crafts, combined arts, dance, interdisciplinary arts, museums, visual arts


Cow-car is making a return trip to the Tees Valley region and joining an amazing array of other thought-provoking and unusual artworks on the theme of clean air for the second VIEWPOINTS project which bookends this year’s Festival of Thrift.

The second year of the festival’s art-focused offshoot features a lung cleaning station, a giant artwork created with ink made from exhaust fumes, dancers wearing pollution-sensing costumes, enormous painted canaries, an extraordinary green house and a series of mindful observation pavilions, which will be located across the Tees Valley from 12 – 19 September.

Aimed at prompting discussions about sustainability, with a focus on one of the 2019 Festival of Thrift’s key themes of clean air, this year’s VIEWPOINTS launches just ahead of the seventh annual celebration of sustainable living, which takes place at Kirkleatham on the weekend of 14 and 15 September.

Full details of the artworks and locations are here