New course for writers exploring the environmental crisis, Writers` HQ


Writers’ HQ, the procrastination-busting community for serious writers on a mission to write great stories, is introducing a unique creative writing course – ‘Writing In The Time Of Climate Change’ – designed for fiction and creative non-fiction writers who want to explore the environmental
crisis in their work.

‘Writing In The Time Of Climate Change’ is launching at a time of heightened environmental awareness, with school strikes sweeping the globe, and Extinction Rebellion’s offshoot XR Writers' Rebel and the Green Party’s Caroline Lucas calling for artists to help imagine our way out of the crisis.

The course has been designed and written by award-winning environmental writer Sarah Lewis, who is also one of the founders of Writers’ HQ and will be leading the course. Commenting on the inspiration behind launching the new course, Sarah said, “It’s easy to think that telling a good yarn is the least of our worries right now but we must remember that progress is a collective effort. Technological progress, political progress and cultural progress work hand-in-hand or not at all. We have technology. Politics is maybe catching up. But where are the stories? I’ve been writing about climate change for 15 years and I wanted to start looking at ways the current story fails, and how we can do things differently.”

Participants joining the four-week online course will be able to discuss the problems of narrativising climate change and focus on what they need from themselves and their community to be able to bring their stories forward into the world. The course will also provide a platform to explore grief and fear, hope and hopelessness in a safe and supportive environment.

“How do we write about climate change when we are only just beginning to live through it?” Sarah adds. “That's what we'll explore on the course."