Learn how to etch! Printmaking course for drawing lovers, West Yorkshire Print Workshop

  • Yorkshire
  • visual arts
  • Caroline Pratt


Weekend course
Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th October 2019
10am – 4pm

If you have a passion for drawing and enjoy exploring the qualities of line, tone and composition then understanding the beautiful intaglio process of etching is for you!

This hands-on course will introduce you to the fundamentals of etching, using zinc plates with copper sulphate solution (a less toxic alternative to traditional nitric acid). Over the duration of the weekend you will have the opportunity to work on several individual pieces and will develop a range of prints to take away with you. You will learn how to use hard and soft ground techniques alongside aquatint, enabling you to create a wide variety of marks and effects and helping to add depth to your imagery. Hard ground produces crisp, clean lines, while soft ground can create softer, textured, crayon-like lines and impressions, and aquatint is way of creating tone. All of these techniques can be used in conjunction to create etching plates.

You will also learn about paper, inking and registration techniques. This is a great course for beginners and those who need a refresher, and can act as a lead-in to membership of WYPW so that you can continue to use and develop the techniques you have learned.